Thursday 30 May 2024

SDPN holds expert meeting about the role of women in expanding resistance

Women’s position in Islam is special and unique/ Today's Palestinian resistance originated from women

Iran-based society in the Defense of Palestinian Nation (SDPN) held an expert meeting about the role of women in expanding the axis of resistance in Tehran.


In this specialized meeting, Ayatollah Mohammad Hassan Rahimian, secretary general of the SDPN, Dr Ensieh KhazAli, Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs, and Dr. Elham Kadkhodaei, a professor at Tehran University, review the role of women.


Ayatollah Rahimian pointed out that women in Islam are mentioned in four aspects. The first aspect is defining the woman as a daughter.


In Islam, there are many hadiths about the position and honor of girls reading the boys.


The second aspect is the position of a woman as a wife.

In Islam, women are considered the most important core of the family and have a pivotal role, SDPN secretary general added.


The third aspect of woman from the perspective of Islam is defined as mother, he noted.


Ayatollah Rahimian considered the fourth aspect of women's value in Islam as a role model for human society.

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