Wednesday 29 March 2023

New movement trying to recruit 10k Israelis to leave Palestine: Report

Israeli media reported that a new Jewish movement is trying to recruit 10,000 Israelis to leave occupied Palestine after the results of the Israeli elections.

The Israeli newspaper Maariv mentioned on Monday that the so-called "Leaving the Land - Together" group set the first target of about 10,000 Israelis leaving Palestine, adding that one of the group's leaders, Yaniv Gorlik, was a key figure in the demonstrations against Israeli occupation Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu.


The newspaper quoted Mordechai Kahana, an Israeli-American businessman and another leader of the group, as saying, "After years of smuggling Jews from war zones in Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, and Ukraine to Israel, I decided to help the Israelis leave for the United States."


According to the newspaper, Kahana is among a group of Israeli Americans who ran in the recent elections for the so-called "World Zionist Congress," which garnered enough votes to send one representative to the Israeli Knesset.


Maariv quoted Kahana as saying that "members of the Israeli-American party thought I was a bit extremist, and I told them that it was time to offer an alternative to the Zionist movement in case the situation in Israel continued to deteriorate."


"I see a great hatred and I see the Iranians with precision missiles aimed at Israel, two thousand years ago it was exactly the same," he added.


Kahana has received dozens of requests from Israelis for assistance in the field of immigration, especially from those who run small technology companies who want to move their offices to the US, as per Maariv.


The newspaper quoted the Israeli businessman as saying, "I saw people in a WhatsApp group talking about Israelis immigrating to Romania or Greece, but personally I think it would be easier for them to immigrate to the United States. I have a huge farm in New Jersey and I offered Israelis to join in order to turn my farm into a settlement."


Kahane wrote, "With such a government in Israel, the US government must allow every Israeli who owns a company or a profession required in the United States, such as doctors or pilots, to immigrate to the United States."


The Israeli newspaper said that "Kahana believes that the Jewish people will never know how to rule Israel, and their destiny is to live in the diaspora."


It is noteworthy that a few days ago, Netanyahu's Likud party presented a request to Israeli President Isaac Herzog to extend the mandate granted to Netanyahu to form a government by two weeks, due to the difficulties in the coalition negotiations.


It is expected that the former Prime Minister will form the most right-wing government in the history of the Israeli occupation, as he reached in early December a coalition agreement with extremist parties.


In early December, Israeli media reported that more than 50 illegal Israeli settlements municipalities declared rebellion against Netanyahu's government.


According to the media, the municipalities mainly declared their opposition to far-right Noam party chief Avi Maoz, who is in charge of "Jewish identity" and drawing up school curricula.


On November 13, Herzog assigned Netanyahu to form a new government, based on recommendations he received from Knesset representatives after the elections in November.


Netanyahu received the recommendation of 64 members of the Knesset to form a new government, following the consultations that the Israeli occupation President held with the leaders of the winning parties in the elections.


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