Wednesday 29 March 2023

Israeli warplanes violate Lebanese airspace

A number of Zionist regime’s warplanes penetrated the Lebanese airspace while a number of the regime’s gunboats sailed in Lebanese waters on Friday.

A Lebanese army statement said that an Israeli drone penetrated the Lebanese airspace over the occupied Lebanese Shebaa farms and the Hasbaya region, reaching over Mount Barghuz and the Litani river in the West Bekaa.


“The Israeli drone penetrated the Lebanese airspace over the town of Damoun and moved in a circular flight over Beirut city before leaving the Lebanese airspace,” the statement added.


It further noted that two Zionist regime’s warplanes violated the airspace over Kfarkela town reaching Chekka town moving in a circular flight over various Lebanese areas before leaving the Lebanese airspace.


It also pointed out that three Zionist regime’s gunboats penetrated the Lebanese territorial waters off the coast of Ras Naqoura, adding that the Israeli violations were raised with UNIFIL.

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