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defeat of Israel's sedition is certainty in Qur'an

Specialized meeting dubbed “Islamic Revolution and the future of the world; emphasizing the role of Zionism in the spread of insecurity and anomalies held on Monday in Tehran.

Tehran (Qodsna) – The expert meeting held on Monday at the conference hall of Iran-based Society to Defend the Palestinian Nation (SDPN).


The meeting held in collaboration with the SDPN and “Montazeran Monji” institute.


Hojjat al-Islam , Mohammad Shojaei, head of Montazeran Monji Institute and Hossein Royvaran, political deputy of the SDPN were the lectures of the meeting. 


The essence of the Islamic revolution is preparation for the government of the promised Imam Mahdi (AS), Shojaei said, adding that every religious person should know that the future is in the hands of the righteous.


Emphasizing that the essence of the Islamic Revolution is essential to prepare the promised Mahdi government in the future, head of Montazeran Monji Institute said: The Islamic Revolution has the responsibility of passing through a huge historical turning point in order to reach the hands of the helpers of the emergence in the future.


The architect of the Islamic revolution introduced the Islamic revolution as a Mahdavi revolution. Imam Khomeini said that the Islamic revolution has priority and the enemies cannot see this priority, and he said that this revolution was the plan of God and the plan of Imam Zaman, he added. 


Royvaran also said at the meeting that the defeat of Israel's sedition is certainty in Qur'an.


Regarding the discussion of the future and the examples mentioned in the Quran, it is the discussion of the sedition of the Israelites in Palestine and the certainty of their defeat, he added.


He pointed to verses from Surah Al-Isra, which deals with the issue of the liberation of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the land of Palestine from the Zionist occupiers.

Royvaran said that the destruction of the Zionist regime is a divine promise, the certainty of which is emphasized based on these verses of the Qur'an.


Royaran pointed to the important statements of Imam Khomeini (RA) and the Supreme Leader regarding the destruction of the Zionist regime based on the clear verses of the Holy Quran, said that these statements emphasize that the divine destiny is destruction of Israel.


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