Tuesday 07 February 2023 

Israel’s counter-terror bureau weighs warning against travel to Qatar

The so-called Israeli counter-terror bureau warned Israelis against traveling to Qatar for the World Cup in November, according to Hebrew language media reported on Monday.

The bureau has called on the 15,000 Israelis, who are already there, not to speak Hebrew and to “tone down their Israelites.”


"We ask them to tune down their Israeli appearances. It’s not that they should hide it. But we don’t think that showing off their Israeli identity will help them while they’re there. And this is an important thing, both for their security, but also for them enjoying the games." 


The alert came as Israeli journalists have found themselves shunned, with prospective interviewees turning their backs or rushing away when they find out the journalist is Israeli.


Locals and other fans make it clear that, in the words of one, "You are not welcome here."


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