Sunday 21 July 2024

Palestinians in Europe Conference rejects European deal with Zionist regime

The Palestinians in Europe Conference has voiced its dissatisfaction and deep concern over the recent talks between the European Commission and the Israeli occupation to reach an agreement on exchanging personal data about the Palestinian citizens living in the occupied territories.

The Palestinians in Europe Conference declared its total rejection to the deal as it constitutes a clear violation of the international laws and norms, and a flagrant breach of the European General Decree on the Protection of Personal Data No. 679/2016.


The Palestinians in Europe Conference further stressed that the agreement came in a total contradiction to the European position towards the Palestinian cause, as it gives the Israeli occupation a total sovereignty over the occupied Palestinian lands, and undermines any possibility of the two-state solution at the expense of Palestinian rights.


As the Palestinians in Europe Conference welcomes the 13 European countries' position against the agreement, it calls upon the other countries to stop such talks with the Israeli government and to respect the Palestinian people’s right to sovereignty and independence.


The Palestinians in Europe Conference also called on pro-Palestine institutions and activists in Europe to take all possible political and legal measures to put pressure on the European political decision-makers to stop such an unjust agreement that clearly violates the Palestinian people’s rights.


It is worth to mention that 13 countries out of 27 European nations have rejected the agreement, including France, Ireland and Luxembourg, describing such European step as a “dangerous precedent” and a “flagrant violation of the international law.”


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