Tuesday 07 February 2023 

IOA acquires 50 new armored vehicles for West Bank raids

The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) declared the purchase of 50 armored vehicles for the military to use in its daily raids across the West Bank.

The Israeli authorities said the Plasan Sasa Ltd. Sand Cat vehicles were obtained through an “expedited” order, amid the West Bank operations. The vehicle is based on the Ford F-550 platform.


The Israeli army also bought 2500 bulletproof vests outfitted with ceramic plates, 'more resistant in the face of assessments of more confrontations in the West Bank.'


Yediot Aharonot Hebrew newspaper said that dozens of military posts were reinforced using higher concrete blocks and 30,000 sandbags, bought urgently in light of the tense situation, especially around the cities of Jenin and Nablus.


The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that 150 Palestinians have lost their lives so far this year as a result of the actions of Israeli troops in the West Bank, not including the 51 killed in the Gaza Strip. Dozens of children and women are among the victims.


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