Tuesday 07 February 2023 

Moroccan parliament slammed for okaying pro-Israel bills

The Moroccan Commission for Advocating the Nation’s Causes has strongly denounced the Moroccan parliament’s sanction of two draft resolutions on several agreements of cooperation between Rabat and Tel Aviv.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Commission considered the parliament’s step as “unjustified persistence in the tsunami of normalization that had been hitting Morocco since the signing of the infamous deal in December 2020.”


While the Arab and Muslim nations and the world are marking the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People who suffer from the injustice and aggression of the brutal Zionist occupation, the Moroccan regime and its nominal institutions keep running towards more normalization,” the Commission said.


The Commission said that the shameful normalization trajectory that had been adopted by the political system in Rabat “deeply strikes the identity of the Moroccan people and their honorable history of support for the Palestinian people.”


Finally, the Commission offered its congratulations to the Palestinian people on their international solidarity day.


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