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The Palestinians' view about the enemy's main goals
of directing the recent events in Iran

Palestinians believe that the demonstrations in Iran are aimed at creating chaos and insecurity in the country and are directed by the intelligence services of the West and some countries of the region.

Gaza- Qodsna- In order to know the popular opinion of the Palestinian community regarding the recent events in Iran, Qodsana reporter in Gaza, Jawan Mahmoud Saleh, talked with different sections of the Palestinian community in Gaza and asked their views about the main goals of the recent events in Iran.


Trying to destabilize the country

Some group believes that the demonstrations that are held in some cities of Iran are aimed at creating chaos and insecurity in the country and are directed by the intelligence services of the West and the countries of the region, and the main stage managers of it are the Israeli Mossad spy agency and the American intelligence agency (CIA).  


This group emphasizes that the issue of holding demonstrations in Iran is not a new issue. In previous years, Iran witnessed similar demonstrations, but because these demonstrations were led by foreign agents, they did not have results.


"Hatem Al-Aila", a political analyst and university professor, a citizen of Gaza, in an exclusive interview with Qodsana, expressed his view on the recent events in Iran and said that in recent years, Iran has witnessed various demonstrations that the United States, Western countries and the Zionist regime are behind it. What happened recently in Iran is the continuation of the same policy that the countries of the region and the United States followed it in Syria. But what was the result of that policy? 11 years have passed since the beginning of the process of trying to overthrow the ruling regime in Syria, but to no avail because the Syrian people know very well that these demonstrations are directed from outside their country.


He emphasizes that the recent events in Iran, like Syria, are directed from outside and the enemies seek to achieve a set of political and security goals. The organizers of the demonstrations in Iran seek to overthrow the ruling system in Iran and create a state of chaos and instability in Iran.


Hessam Za’arab, a student of political science faculty at al-Aqsa University in Gaza, told qodsna correspondent that he believes that demonstrations in Iran will not have any results, because if it was a demonstration with national goals or, as some of its trustees claim, if it was aimed at protecting human rights and defending women's rights, many prominent figures would have supported it.  


But as we see in the media, there are no prominent Iranian figures among its supporters.


Despite the fact that Western and American media are trying to exaggerate the recent incidents in Iran, this propaganda will certainly not have any results, he added.

Trying to prevent Iran from receiving advanced technologies


Another group of Palestinian people believe that some powers are unhappy with Iran's scientific progress in various fields, especially the military field.  They emphasizes that the goal of Iran's enemies is to prevent the Islamic Republic of Iran from achieving progress.


Manal Barakat, a researcher and employee of the "Seeds of Culture" institute in the n Gaza strip, said: Iran has made commendable progress in various scientific fields, an issue that the United States and its allies especially the Zionist regime want to prevent it.


Iran is allied with important powers namely China and Russia. These three countries formed a power that has the ability to change the equation and hit the interests of the United States, so the Americans seek to weaken this alliance.

One of the most important goals of America is preventing the Islamic Republic of Iran from achieving scientific and military progress, he added.


He also pointed out that the conspirators will not achieve any goal from these demonstrations and the Iranian government will maintain the country's stability, so the apparent claims related to women's rights will be ineffective.


 Ahmad Orough Mahtam, a Palestinian citizen and an expert on Iranian issues told qodsna that everything happening in Iran is actually an American conspiracy, which is followed by the slogan of defending women's rights.

He emphasized that Iranian society should learn from the developments that happened in Arab countries. It is better for Iranians to be careful not to be deceived by the plots of the enemy.


Destroying the image of Islamic Iran

Asad al-Birouti, a reporter and a cultural activist from Gaza, said: "Some of the incidents we witnessed recently are unfortunate. Iran is a Muslim country adhering to Islamic laws. The Islamic Republic of Iran adheres to the principle that the divine law is indivisible and regarded as a beacon”.


The recent incidents in Iran have been carried out in the framework of Islamophobia, so happening such incidents in Islamic countries is considered normal, he added.


He noted that Iran has always supported the rights of the oppressed and women. Assaulting women and violating their rights in Iran's criminal laws are accompanied by severe punishment.


He went on to say that recent events in Iran are considered to be the continuation of U.S extensive propaganda campaign against the Islamic Republic.


Saleh Ayed, a Palestinian student in the Gaza strip, talk about women's rights in Iran and the media propaganda of the West against Iran after the death of Mahsa Amini, and said: Women's rights are fully respected in Islamic religion and laws. In the Islamic Republic, whose laws are derived from the Islamic Sharia, there is also a suitable space for the protection of women. I believe that according to the official narrative, Ms. Amini's death was due to fear and not torture as the western media is promoting.


There are evidences that show that women enjoy freedom in Iran. They study in universities and work in government agencies, so the freedom of women in the current Iranian system cannot be compared with the status of women in the Qajar era, he added.


Regarding the recent events in Iran, he said: The stage mangers of the recent protests in Iran are western feminist institutions that lead the protests with the aim of promoting corruption in Iranian society.


The Palestinian student went on to say that “Economic and livelihood problems have played a role in the recent unrest in Iran.







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