Sunday 26 March 2023

More Palestinians win seats in US midterm elections

Palestinian-American Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has maintained her seat as representative of Michigan after her third victory in the US midterms, she was joined by Ruwa Romman who won a seat in the Georgia State House of Representatives and Abdelnasser Rashid who won in Illinois.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who is of Somali heritage and who came to the US as a refugee, was also reelected to her post in Minnesota having achieved 75.2 per cent of the district's votes.


Commenting on her electoral win, Omar said: "In Minnesota, we don't just welcome refugees, we send them *back* to Congress."


Tlaib won with 73.7 per cent of votes in Michigan against Republican candidate Steven Elliott.


Fellow Palestinian-American and Democrat Ruwa Romman won in the Georgia State House of Representatives elections. An Instagram post announcing her win said: "Her historic election makes her the first Muslim woman ever elected to the Georgia State House and first Palestinian elected to any Georgia public office."


While Palestinian-American Abdelnasser Rashid won a seat in the Illinois State House of Representatives.


Head of the Palestinian American Council, Maher Abdel-Qader, said the Palestinian youth victory is a continuation of the tireless work carried out by dozens of community leaders in supporting the candidates.


"These are the fruits of the community's work, which began years ago to focus on preparing candidates who support the issues of the Palestinian community and the issues of Palestine by working on their campaigns and supporting them financially," he added.



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