Wednesday 29 March 2023

Hamas statement on 66th anniversary of Kafr Qasim massacre

The Palestinian people remember one of the most heinous massacres committed on this day in 1956 by the Israeli colonial occupation army and its terrorist gangs against Palestinian citizens in historic Palestine, particularly in Kafr Qasim village.

This massacre, in which 49 defenseless Palestinian citizens, including women and children, were killed, coincided with the first day of the Tripartite Aggression against Egypt, Hamas Movement said in a statement.


On this tragic anniversary, we mourn the death of all martyrs who were murdered in cold blood in this heinous massacre and all Palestinian martyrs who have fallen while defending their homeland and holy sites, the statement reads.  


We salute the Palestinian citizens of the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948 who are holding on to their national identity, rights, and constants, Hamas added.  


“We emphasise that the massacres committed by the Israeli occupation will not be forgotten with the passage of time. The Palestinian people will continue to resist the occupation until liberation and return.”


The Israeli occupation's bloody history proves that it was  founded on terrorism, murder, massacres, and aggression.


This requires unifying Palestinian, Arab and international efforts at all levels to criminlise the Israeli occupation, isolate it, and expose its practices and to foil all attempts to whitewash its image and to integrate it into the region and to hold it accountable for its crimes past and present at the international courts, Hamas added.  



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