Saturday 13 July 2024

First European Conference for Al-Quds launched in Italy

The first European Conference for Al-Quds entitled "Jerusalem (Al-Quds) is ours" was launched in the Italian city of Milan on Saturday, in a bid to highlight the ongoing Israeli aggressions on the Palestinian sanctities in Al-Quds.

The head of Europeans for Al-Quds, Muhammad Hannoun, stressed that the conference will be held annually to shed light on the suffering of the Al-Quds residents, calling on European governments to pressure Israel to stop its violations against Palestinians.


For his part, the head of Palestinians in Europe Conference, Amin Abu Rashed, said that the conference comes in support of Al-Quds and to condemn the Israeli aggressions against the Islamic and Christian holy sites.


Palestinians have the right to defend themselves,” Luigi Piccirillo, member of the Council of the Italian Province of Lombardy, underlined, stressing the importance of the conference in reporting the Palestinian developments.


Other officials condemned the ongoing Israeli attacks committed against Palestinian citizens all over Palestine in addition to the European policy of double standards, hailing the bravery of the Palestinian people who have been defending their lands and rights.




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