Saturday 03 December 2022

Sheikh Sabri: Aqsa is exposed to new settler violations every year

Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, head of the Higher Islamic Council in Occupied Al-Quds, has said that the Aqsa Mosque is exposed to more violations by Jewish settlers every year, especially during their festivals.

In a statement on Wednesday, Sheikh Sabri pointed out that the settlers used to perform silent prayers during their tours of the Islamic holy site, but recently their prayers started to become loud as part of their attempts to impose new faits accomplis at the Aqsa Mosque and Judaize it. 


He condemned such new settler violations at the Aqsa Mosque as “illegal,” affirming that the occupation state had started to execute its Judaization plots at the Mosque gradually following the 2017 popular uprising when the Israeli police installed metal detectors at the Mosque’s gates and entrances.


The Al-Quds figure expressed his belief that the occupation state would persist in its aggression and committing new violations against the Aqsa Mosque as a prelude to imposing its full control over the holy site.


Sheikh Sabri urged the Palestinian citizens to be vigilant for any new settler violation at the Aqsa Mosque and intensify their presence in its courtyards to protect their holy site.



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