Monday 05 December 2022

Hamas supports Syria against Israeli attacks

Hamas movement follows up on the dangerous developments in the region that may affect the Palestinian people and their just cause, including normalizing ties with the Israeli occupation and the attempts to integrate the Israeli occupation that works hard to control the resources and steal the wealth of the region through creating disputes among the peoples of the region, and targeting the influential parties that reject normalization with the Israeli occupation.

This is happening amid an escalating Israeli aggressive policy against the Palestinian people, land, and Islamic and Christian holy places, especially in Al-Quds which is subjected to the Israeli occupation's plans to Judaize it, displace its residents, and divide its blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque spatially and temporally. Additionally, these violations take place in light of growing colonial settlement expansion and the continued Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip, turning its back on the Palestinian people’s rights and trying to liquidate the Palestinian cause in favor of its colonial project.


The movement is also concerned about the continued Israeli attacks on the brotherly country of Syria, including bombardment, killing, and plans to divide the country and abolish its historical responsibility toward the Palestinian cause. As Syria has been supporting the Palestinian people and the Palestinian resistance factions for decades, we should side with it amid the continued Israeli aggression.


We, in Hamas movement, state the following:

1-    Hamas condemns the repeated Israeli offensives against Syria, especially Damascus and Aleppo airports and confirms its support for Syria in the face of the Israeli aggression.


2-    We appreciate the Syrian leadership and people for supporting the Palestinian people and their just cause. We look forward to the day when Syria restores its leading position in the Arab and Islamic Ummah. Hamas supports all sincere efforts aimed to achieve peace, stability, and prosperity in Syria.


3-    Hamas reiterates its position toward the unity of Syria, and rejects any effort that would divide the country.


4-   We support our Ummah in the face of the Israeli malicious plans intended to divide the country and steal its resources. We, at the national, Arab, and Islamic levels, are united in the face of the Israeli schemes against Syria.


5-  Hamas calls for ending the disputes in the Ummah and achieving reconciliation among the nations and countries, thus serving the collective interests of the Ummah.


6-    Hamas confirms its unwavering stance about building up strong ties with the Arab and Islamic Ummah and all supporters of the Palestinian cause. Hamas confirms that it goes ahead with its decision to restore ties with the Syrian Arab Republic to serve the interest of the Arab and Islamic Ummah, above all the Palestinian cause, especially in light of the escalating regional and international developments concerning the Palestinian cause.




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