Thursday 29 September 2022

Two Palestinian families forced to self-demolish own houses

Israeli authorities have forced two Palestinian families in Occupied Al-Quds to demolish their own homes, for allegedly being built without Israeli permit.

The Shweiki family members were left homeless after being ordered to self-demolish their own house in the Al-Thawri neighborhood overlooking Al-Aqsa Mosque on Wednesday.


Abu Raya family was also forced to self-demolish a part of their own house in Al-Sharafat village, south of Occupied Al-Quds.


The family had obtained a decision to postpone the demolition for three months.


Meanwhile, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) vandalized several Palestinian properties, and notified others with demolition during large-scale raids across the West Bank.


In Jericho, the IOF uprooted 166 palm and citrus seedlings in Palestinian agricultural lands and destroyed a 400-meter-long water line in Al-Awsaj village.


In al-Khalil, the IOF issued orders to demolish or stop construction of Khashm al-Karam mosque and four Palestinian homes, southeast of Yatta town.


The occupation forces also demolished five agricultural rooms in Bruqin and Kafr al-Deek villages, to the west of the governorate.


As always, the Israeli army justified the demolition measure by claiming that the structures were built with no licenses.


The Palestinians in the occupied territories have no choice but to build on their own lands without licenses because there are no structural maps that respond to the natural increase in their numbers.


The Israeli occupation authorities also impose building restrictions on the Palestinians and makes it hard for them to obtain construction permits.

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