Thursday 29 September 2022
Palestinian experts told qodsna:

Zionists' narrative on recent war has no impact on Palestinian consciousness

Palestinian experts believe that Influence of Zionists' narrative on the Palestinians' consciousness is zero and Palestinians know that there is no other way but to confront the Zionist occupiers.

Gaza (Qodsna)- Osama Abunahl, an expert on Palestinian political affairs, in an exclusive interview with Qodsna reporter in Gaza noted that Zionist regime avoids announcing its losses and casualties in war against Palestinians for fear of effects on internal public opinion.

After every aggression against Gaza Strip and Palestinian resistance's strong response to attacks, Zionists censor news and cover up the areas that are targeted by resistance rockets, he added.


Osama Abunahl reiterated that the Islamic Jihad movement succeeded in confronting the aggression of the Zionist regime and its capabilities in rocket attacks on Israeli cities.


Saeed Basharat, another expert on Zionist regime’s affairs, pointed out to Zionist regime’s media censorship about its losses in resistance rocket attacks on settlements said that Zionists' narrating and claims on intercepting missiles by the Iron Dome, is fake.


There is no doubt that the rockets hit many Israeli buildings and facilities, but due to the presence of Zionists in the shelters, the number of dead or injured may be low, he added.


Responding to a question on whether Zionist regime was successful in achieving its goals, such as influencing the Palestinian nation and their morale in recent war, the expert said: influence of Zionists' narrative on the Palestinians' consciousness is zero. The Palestinian people know that there is no other way but to confront the occupiers.


"Saleh al-Naami", another expert in the Zionist regime’s affairs, told Qodsna that in the recent battle, the rockets of the resistance targeted from Netanya and Tel Aviv to Al-Quds, in the northeastern tip of the region, where seventy percent of the Zionists are settled. In the recent battle, Israel was forced to evacuate the settlements around the Gaza Strip and close the beach in the town of Rishon Letzion and the base of Zikim in the south of occupied Palestine.


He added that the Zionist regime, which no Arab countries dared to target its depth, has faced a situation where the resistance directly targets its’ depth, and this shows that any resistance action affects the life of Zionists and this is a great achievement.


Al-Naami said that although Islamic Jihad movement is not the largest resistance group in the Gaza Strip, but it entered into a confrontation with a power that insinuates itself as the greatest power, as a result, this is considered an achievement and undermines the deterrence power of the Zionists.


Regarding the position of the people of the Gaza Strip, he said that the Palestinian people, despite the pain and suffering caused by the siege and continuous aggression of the Zionist regime, understand that there is no other option for them except resistance as the best means to regain their legitimate rights. This is why we have witnessed the solidarity of the people with the resistance.


Abu Omar, one of the residents of Gaza, told qodsna that there is no doubt that the war affects the people, but it increases their morale, because the Palestinians do not surrender, and the definitive destiny is a victory which increases the morale even if a person is affected by bombing and destruction. Wars and confrontations will never end and we believe that these wars will either lead us to victory or martyrdom, which is the desire of the Palestinians and that is why our morale is high and Victory will be ours.


Another citizen named Amani Hijazi emphasizes that by the grace of God, our morale is great and will remain strong, we will continue to support the resistance until the final victory and the expelling the invaders and the end of the occupation in our land.


Asad al-Birouti, another resident of Gaza, told qodsna reporter in the Gaza that the Israel's recent aggressions were imposed on the Gaza Strip, but the resistance had no other way than to confront this barbaric attack so as not to allow the occupiers to increase their crimes against the defenseless people.


He added that we are proud of the resistance and will be with the resistance until the last drop of our blood. There is no dignity without resistance and the option of armed struggle for the Palestinians.



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