Wednesday 05 October 2022
Mojtaba Ferdosipour told qodsna:

Change of regional equations in favor of resistance

Former Iranian ambassador to Jordan said regional equations to be changed in favor of resistance after Zionists’ latest assault on Gaza Strip.

Qodsna (Tehran)- Mojtaba Ferdosipour, former Iranian ambassador to Jordan and member of the political commission of Society for the Defense of Palestinian Nation (SDPN), in an exclusive interview with Qodsna said: taking a look at the circumstances of the recent war, a few points should be taken into consideration. First, the political crisis and the political conflicts and rivalries between the prime minister's candidates and the coalitions in Knesset for the fifth election are behind Zionists' plan for assault on Gaza.


Yair Lapid, the current prime minister of Zionist regime, is not a political figure or military figure or General, so he has made this military aggression in order to gain special privileges against his rivals in warmongering and military warfare, he noted.


The second important point is the current situation in the international and regional arenas including Ukraine’s war and U.S. President's recent unsuccessful visit to Middle-East region. The other important development can be seen as issue of the disputed gas field between Lebanon and Zionist regime, where Hezbollah was able to deploy its drones with the upper hand to foil Zionist regime's plan of exploiting Lebanon's Gas, Ferdosipour added.


He stressed that “ Today, all resistance groups have united with all their power in fight against Zionist regime. In recent battles, Zionist regime's defense system was extremely vulnerable and lacked the capability to contain resistance missiles. All these indicate that battle equations between Zionist regime and the resistance have changed and the Resistance's power is much more re-developed and its strength against the violent actions of the Zionist has increased”.


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