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Negotiations on drawing maritime borders;
Changing game conditions and possible results

Mohammad Ali Takht Ravandeh

Tehran (Qodsna)- Following Zionist regime’s recent acts in Karish gas field, the issue of drawing maritime borders between Lebanon and Zionist regime became particularly important. Zionist regime, without any agreement with Lebanon, unilaterally deployed its gas platform, drilling and extraction ships in the disputed gas field.


Following these actions, the Lebanese authorities and Hezbollah officials warned Zionist regime about the consequences. But Beirut’s warnings did not work. Al-Akhbar newspaper reported: The American negotiator told the Lebanese authorities during his trip to Beirut two months ago that Zionist regime will not wait for the results of the negotiations and will start extracting gas from Karish gas field.


Opposing Zionist regime’s actions, Lebanon’s Hezbollah officials came to the conclusion that Zionist regime will retreat and withdraw just only facing practical and strategic measures and reactions.


Therefore, Lebanon's Hezbollah, in a strategic and new operation flew several drones over Karish gas field in the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon's Hezbollah issued a statement about the successful operation of its drones over the Karish gas field and stressed that the intended message conveyed to the other side.


Hezbollah could successfully establish a new military equation in the ongoing process of confrontation and active deterrence against Zionist regime. The coordinates of this new equation includes: Zionist regime’s naval movements in Lebanon’s territory will not be unanswered from now on and Hezbollah has reached to such a level of capability and power of drones that can target and destroy the vital and military facilities of Zionist regime.


It can be said that Lebanon's Hezbollah, after proving its capabilities in land war, and ability in the maritime sector after sinking the Zionists’ frigate during the 33-day war, now is drawing a new equation in confrontation with Zionist regime. An equation that will make the occupying regime afraid of any aggression against Lebanon.



Changing game conditions and possible results


Only a few days later, reliable Lebanese sources reported that Zionist regime’s officials, through US intermediaries, have announced Lebanese government that drilling and extraction of gas from Karish gas field will be stopped until reaching an agreement on demarcating maritime borders.


This development clearly showed that Zionist regime has serious weaknesses in sea confrontation against Hezbollah and has no other option except an agreement with Lebanon to maintain the security of its fields, platforms and ships in the Mediterranean Sea.


Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Lebanon's Hezbollah, in one of his memorable speeches, which was compared to his 2006 speech after the capture of Zionist troops, stressed that Zionist regime is not allowed to extract oil and gas from any field in the sea unless Lebanon benefits from its own oil and gas wealth. Nasrallah’s speech strengthened the established equation.


In this situation, the American mediator travels to Beirut. Zionist regime needs an agreement on the issue of maritime negotiations more than Lebanon. Zionist sources revealed that Tel Aviv officials have pressured Washington over reaching agreement on demarcation of maritime borders by next September.


In fact, Tel Aviv officials, in current situation when they are caught in many security, political and social crises, do not have opportunity to think about the military confrontation with Hezbollah.


It is estimated that negotiations on drawing maritime borders will reach satisfying result for the Lebanese side in coming weeks.


Apart from that, Lebanon's Hezbollah, by publishing pictures of the platforms and ships of the Zionist regime stationed in the Mediterranean Sea, has strongly warned Zionist regime: "All your gas platforms are in the crosshairs, don't play with time!"


*Mohammad Ali Takht Ravandeh, Middle East affairs’ analyst

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