Sunday 26 March 2023

Hamas welcomes French resolution condemning Israeli apartheid

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas welcomes the signing of a resolution condemning the institutionalised apartheid regime instituted by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people and calling for removing all obstacles in the way of calls to boycott Israeli products.

This move is a step in the direction that will expose how racist the Israeli occupation is and how grave its crimes are against the Palestinian people and their homeland, Hamas spokesperson Jihad Taha said in a statement.


“We renew our calls for European states and parliaments and international organisations to assume their responsibilities, criminalise the Israeli occupation's practices and racist policies, back the Palestinian people and their just cause and their fight for their legitimate rights to freedom and self-determination, and work on prosecuting the Israeli occupation leaders and settlers for their crimes against the Palestinian people and their Muslim and Christian holy sites”, Taha added.


Some 38 leftwing French MPs have signed a draft resolution condemning Israel’s “institutionalization of an apartheid regime against Palestinian people,” news agencies reported on Friday.


The draft resolution was originally submitted on 13 July by Communist MP Jean-Paul Lecocq but stirred a public debate on Friday.

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