Tuesday 07 February 2023 

Hamas releases video of captive Israeli in hospital bed

Gaza's Hamas rulers on Tuesday released a video of a captive Israeli citizen it has held incommunicado since 2015, showing the man lying in a hospital bed while wearing an oxygen mask.

It was the first image of Hisham al-Sayyed to be released since he wandered across the frontier from southern occupied territories into Gaza. Its release came a day after Hamas said the condition of one of the Israelis it is holding captive had deteriorated.


In the video, al-Sayyed, 34, is seen lying in bed with a mask over his mouth and nose and what appears to be an oxygen canister next to him. He appears tired and dazed, but does not speak and there is no audio.


Other parts of the video show an intravenous drip next to the bed as well as an image of al-Sayyed's Israeli identification card. Al-Sayyed is a member of Israel's Bedouin Arab minority.


The video is titled, "Footage of the soldier in the army of occupation, Hisham al-Sayyed, detained by the Qassam Brigades."


There is no date on the video. But a TV screen in the video showed images of the Qatar Economic Forum, which was held in Doha last week.


The movement has given no details on the conditions or whereabouts of its prisoners, and it has never allowed the Red Cross to visit them.


Hamas has demanded the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners, including people convicted in deadly attacks, in exchange for the captive Israelis.

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