Thursday 30 May 2024

Edinburgh-Gaza twinning: Musicians to perform in support on Jubilee day

Sccotish musicians have backed a campaign to twin Edinburgh with Gaza City, with four acts due to perform at a charity gig in support of the move next month.

Folk act Jennifer Ewan Band will be joined by Stoned Holy Rollers, Junkman’s Choir and Suffrakitsu – an all-woman punk band – to perform a free show on June 2 at the Ross Theatre in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh.


The event aims to bolster support for the campaign to pair Edinburgh with Gaza City, also hearing from Tommy Sheppard MP and a speaker from Gaza.


A motion to discuss the twinning proposal with Edinburgh council was pulled from the agenda earlier this year after an Israeli lobby group claimed it would breach counter-terror laws.


A petition calling for the twinning agreement was launched by campaigner Peter Gregson.


He said: “I hasten to point out that Arthur Balfour, creator of Israel in 1917, hailed from Edinburgh – so I consider Edinburgh to be an appropriate choice for beginning to address historical wrongs to the Palestinians.”


The free Gig for Gaza is in Princes Street Gardens on Friday, June 3, from 7-10pm.

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