Friday 01 July 2022

Meshaal calls for political unity to complement Palestinian people's unity in field

Head of Hamas Political Bureau abroad, Khaled Meshaal, called for the Palestinian people's unity on the ground to be led with political unity.

Meshaal said in a TV interview on the Al-Aqsa channel on Tuesday evening, that resistance and struggle are the path to liberation and return. The Palestinian people have succeeded in their unity in the field, but they still need to be strengthened with political unity.


He called on the Palestinian leaders, especially the Palestinian Authority to support the field unity by unifying the Palestinian political system at home and abroad, especially the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and to agree on a struggle decision based on forms of resistance and struggle.


Meshaal pointed out the message of the Palestinian people in the field: "We adhere to the entire Palestinian homeland from the river to the sea and from its north to its south. There are no interim or partial solutions and our people at home and abroad will achieve victory, liberation, return, and the regaining of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa."


He stressed that Palestine is for all Palestinians, and the political system must be united and focus on the Palestinian national reference and the Liberation Organization at home and abroad.


Nakba's anniversary


Meshaal pointed out that the Palestinian people in the diaspora are the fuel of the contemporary Palestinian revolution. Our Palestinian people express their will during the "Sword of Jerusalem" battle in Jordan and Lebanon, and in Europe today, they revive the Nakba's anniversary, protest for Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa, and in response to the assassination of Shireen Abu Aqleh.


On the 74th anniversary of the Nakba, Meshaal said that hope for return and liberation is renewed, stressing that our Palestinian people advance on the path of victory, liberation, and return, while our enemy is in decline.


Meshaal stressed that the battle with the occupation is not over yet, and the dangers still exist, indicating that Al-Quds is the spirit, the address, the symbol, and the inspiration.


He pointed out that the occupation lately wanted to exercise security, politically and military authority over all parts of the Palestinian homeland, and wanted to wrest religious sovereignty over Al-Aqsa Mosque by spatial and temporal division.


Occupation threats


Regarding the occupation’s threats to assassinate the movement’s leaders, Meshaal made it clear that the enemy's threats are not new, stressing that killing the Palestinian resistance leaders does not kill the spirit of struggle but rather fuels it, and brings us closer to the moment of victory.


He pointed out that most of the Palestinian factions' leaders were martyred on the path of resistance and liberation, but the resistance was empowered while the enemy retreated.



Hamas's Relationships


Regarding the movement's relations, Meshaal said: We want to restore our relationship as one Ummah and wipe off the wave of normalization. We are not an opponent of anyone, and we are preoccupied with our Palestinian battle as our only enemy is the Zionist enemy.


He added: We do not interfere in the Arab and Islamic affairs. Disputes must be resolved through dialogue, not by antagonizing each other.


Meshaal pointed out that every Arab country has had a fingerprint throughout history in supporting the Palestinian people to resist the occupation with money, weapons, and political support publicly and secretly.

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