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Nakba Day
Eid that turned into mourning

Ahmad Reza Roohallahzad

The 14th of May is the anniversary of the announcement of the existence of the Zionist regime in Palestinian territories. On this day, Ben-Gurion, who was later elected the first Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, read the proclamation of the establishment of the Zionist regime, a declaration that Zionists describe it as Israel Independence Day.  


According to historical documents, the colonial powers with various goals were always thinking of establishing a permanent base in West Asia. The most important of these goals are the permanent management of production and export of crude and cheap energy in the region and the return of oil dollars to the western economy, control of waterways and communication highways in the region and most importantly to prevent the formation of a new Islamic civilization.


Throughout history, the Jewish deviant current has always tried to define the Jewish community as a tool of colonial powers, and part of this Jewish deviant line had succeeded in penetrating the power structures of the colonial countries and creating the Zionist movement.

The movement, according to Theodore Herzl in his letter to Cecil Rhodes, then commander of the British Colonial Army, is a movement with colonial aims. Herzl is considered to be the founder of the Zionist movement.


Observed on May 14 annually, Nakba Day marks the 1948 forced expulsion of nearly 800,000 Palestinians from their homes in historical Palestine.


In the years leading up to World War I, British colonial officials repeatedly stressed the importance of establishing a regional garrison using the Jewish population.


The then British Prime Minister Lloyd George explicitly considers "the establishment of a Jewish colony garrison in the Palestinian territories to be crucial to the security of Egypt (under British occupation)."


Lord James Balfour, then British Foreign Secretary, received permission from the British Cabinet to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine and wrote a letter to Lord Rothschild, who was the head of the British Jewish community.


The letter known in history as the Balfour Declaration. This was while Palestine was still under Ottoman rule, and about 35 days after the declaration was announced, the British army retake Palestine from the Arab rebels in 1917.


"Zionism, good or bad, ugly or beautiful, is rooted in our aspirations and forming a Jewish homeland in the ancient land of Palestine is more important from the 700,000 fanatical Arabs who live in Palestine," Balfour wrote in a media note about a month after the British occupation of Palestine.


After the occupation of Palestine, the British colonial government pursued a series of measures to establish a Jewish state, including relocation of Jews to Palestine and residing them in settlements, arming and training of Jewish groups, confiscation of Palestinian lands and delivering it to Jews, suppression of Palestinian resistance with the help of armed Jewish groups.


In 1947, the UN General Assembly passed Resolution 181 illegally dividing Palestine into three parts of Arab and Jewish states, and the area under international rule (Al-Quds). In May 1948, the British government announced that it would end Palestinian rule in mid-May.


After this declaration, the Jewish armed groups had attacked Palestinian towns and villages, occupying more than two-thirds of Palestine with a massive massacre, and on May 14 of that year, Ben-Gurion announced on the radio the establishment of the Zionist regime.


In fact, the creation of Israel in Palestine was a joint colonial-Zionist project, in which, unfortunately, both the Ottoman government and Arab leaders such as Sharif Hussein and Al Saud had a key cooperation.


The Palestinians call this day as "Nakba Day", because on this day, the seeds of Israel's misery were sown in the heart of the Islamic world, and like cancer, it soon affected the whole region.



Every year, the Zionists celebrate the first days of May with various ceremonies.

The days that should be called "days of Nakbah." Zionists occupied Palestine with war and killing, but they interpret it as a "war of independence."


Ceremonies such as the commemoration of the Israeli military martyrs are among these ceremonies. In recent years, some ceremonies such as the flag march and this year the discussion of raising the flag on the walls of Al-Aqsa Mosque and Ebrahimi Mosque or singing the regime anthem inside Al-Aqsa Mosque has been added.


The spread of such ceremonies in recent years is in fact is the result of the spread of extremist thoughts in the Zionist society and political structure, as well as the passivity of the traitorous Arab and Turkish regimes towards the occupation of Palestine and their alignment with the occupiers of Holy Quds.


This year, however, the Palestinian community succeeded in expanding anti-Zionist operations, killing 19 Zionists and injuring many more, and had a negative impact on the holding of these ceremonies. ».


Writer: Ahmad Reza Roohallahzad

Ahmad Reza Roohallahzad is a Middle East affairs expert based in Tehran


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