Thursday 05 October 2023

Gaza’s only two crossings with Israel closed in a collective punishment move

Zionist regime announced the closure of Gaza’s commercial and pedestrian crossings in a collective punishment move.

The Israeli occupation authorities said Beit Hanoun/Erez crossing in the north of the Gaza Strip, a pedestrian crossing, and Karm Abu Salem/Kerem Shalom commercial crossing in the south of the Gaza Strip will remain closed indefinitely as a punishment to Gaza’s two million-strong population claiming the action was taken after a couple of rockets were recently fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel.


"Following the rockets fired toward Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip last night, it was decided that crossings into Israel for Gazan merchants and workers through the Erez Crossing will not be permitted this upcoming Sunday," COGAT, a unit of Israel's war ministry responsible for Palestinian civil affairs, said in a statement on Saturday.


On Friday night, two rockets were fired from Gaza at southern occupied territories, with one hitting Israel and the other falling short and striking near a residential building in northern Gaza, Palestinian and Israeli sources said.


Early Saturday, a third rocket was fired at Israel, the army said, with no air raid sirens activated for any of the launches.


The rockets, which follow similar attacks on Wednesday and Thursday, come as Israeli police have been clashing with Palestinian protesters at Al-Quds's (Jerusalem) flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque compound in recent days.


"The re-opening of the crossing will be decided in accordance with a security situational assessment," COGAT added in its statement.

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