Friday 19 August 2022

Palestinian martyrdom operations,
"scene of resistance power, defeat of Zionists

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Tehran- Security and military analysts have hailed the heroic Palestinian martyrdom operations against Zionists, saying they confused the Zionist enemy and proved the regime's fragility and weakness.


The operations showed that resistance could impose heavy losses on occupier enemy and change equations of power.


The latest martyrdom operations in the heart of Tel Aviv are also considered as very huge security defeats for Zionist regime. The heroic operations targeted the heart of Tel Aviv despite heavy security measures taken by Zionist Regime.


Moreover, Martyrdom operations showed that the "spirit of protest" against the occupation and confiscation of Palestinian lands and the "spirit of revenge" against Zionist criminals are still alive.


On the other hand, Palestinians proved that the spirit of challenge and resistance exceeds the power of the Zionist enemy.


Time and the place of recent Martyrdom operations also were carefully planned. Three Zionists, killed in Palestinians' operations, were of expert military-security forces.


All these facts show that the operations managed to strike the Zionist security system and proved the fragility of it.


Meanwhile, the heroic operations at the heart of the capital of the usurping regime carries a message from the Palestinian fighters that they are determined to move toward victory and liberation.


Such operations, are making the regime “pay part of the price of its own crimes and its settlers’ terrorist acts against Palestinian people.


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