Monday 15 April 2024

Germany closes a community center affiliated with Hezbollah

German city-state of Bremen on Thursday closed the Al-Mustafa Community Center.

Al-Mustafa “actively propagates and promotes violence or comparably serious acts contrary to international law such as terrorism against the State of Israel,” Ulrich Mäurer, Bremen’s Interior Senator claimed in a statement.


The Bremen interior senator’s statement noted that ”it was also proven that there were anti-Israel books and writings in the association's premises, including, for example, a flyer by the political and religious leader of Iran. The flyer contains messages aimed solely at negating the legitimacy of the state of Israel and using violence to resist Israel.”


Germany’s Federal Interior Ministry outlawed all Hezbollah activities in 2020. The US, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Arab League, Israel and many European and Latin America have classified the Lebanon-based Hezbollah's entire movement as a foreign terrorist entity.

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