Sunday 26 March 2023

South African court blows Israel’s anti-Semitism cover

The verdict by the South African court that openly and clearly says 'anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism' has caught Israel red-handed.

South Africa has emphasized its distinguished support for the Palestinian people and their struggle against the decadeslong Israeli occupation. Yet, Israel, which has committed the most heinous crimes in our modern history, has been able to curb any attempt to lash out at its violent practices against the Palestinians by accusing anyone who dares to criticize Israel of being anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish.


On Feb. 16, the Constitutional Court of South Africa made a historic ruling in a case brought forward by a pro-Israeli group that accused a pro-Palestine activist who voiced support for the Palestinian people of "anti-Semitism and hate speech." Nevertheless, as the famous proverb says, the wind goes against the wish of the ships, and the case opened the debate on Israelis’ ready accusations against anyone who criticizes its violations. The court ruled that criticizing Israel is not linked to anti-Semitism and that attacking Zionism is not the same as attacking the Jewish people.

The verdict made a clear distinction between the Jewish people and "those who support Israel," between Judaism and Zionism, and between Jews and Zionists, underlining that these terminologies are not interchangeable synonyms.


Over the decades of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Israel's narrative triumphed over the Palestinians' efforts, despite Israel's clear crimes and violations that were even witnessed and documented by international bodies, including the United Nations. However, Israel was able to blackmail and threaten countries, groups and individuals with allegations of being anti-Semitic if they chose to criticize Israel.

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