Thursday 08 June 2023

Hassan drone And psychological shock to Zionist community

Ahmad Reza Roohallahzad

Tehran (Qodsna) - The Axis of Resistance has practically challenged the authority of the Zionist regime at various domestic and regional levels, and for this reason, hope for the future is fading within the Israel’s public opinion.


The Lebanese Hezbollah drone operation can be examined from different dimensions, as it is very important to study the impact of this operation on the public opinion of the Zionist regime. The reactions of the Zionist public opinion show that this operation has inflicted a very heavy psychological shock on the Zionist society.


Given Israel’s population in the 1970s and the type of wars it waged against Arab governments, the Zionist regime established shelters in the cities. However, due to the military superiority of this regime, these shelters were practically unused after the 1973 war. The Zionist community never felt the need for these shelters. But the war of 2006 and the aftermath of the multiple wars in Gaza showed that the Zionist community could no longer be safe from the consequences of the wars. Because the model of warfare had changed, the resistance missiles targeted the strategic depths of the occupied territories, and the existing defense systems were practically inefficient. Therefore, the development of shelters was a daily need.


The Islamic Resistance announced, in a statement, that its military units launched on Friday  a reconnaissance drone into the skies of occupied Palestine where it flew for 40 minutes. The statement added that “Hassan” drone accomplished its mission which covered a distance of 70 kilometers in the north of occupied Palestine. According to the statement, the drone returned safely despite all the Israeli measures and attempts to shoot it down after accomplishing the mission successfully. Israeli occupation military said on the same day that a drone has crossed the Israel occupation airspace, noting that the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has evaded iron dome interceptors.


The second shock was that Israelis realized that despite the discovery of the drone by radar systems, the army could not target it, while both the Iron Dome system and advanced F-16 jets were activated. All of these advanced military equipment could not destroy the drone. There is an issue that has greatly worried the public opinion of the Zionist regime, and it has raised the question of how the so-called Israel’s defense structure can support Zionist settlers if this drone was armed? The question has raised as the Yemenis have neutralized all the advanced defense structures of the United States and Saudi Arabia with their drones and achieved their goals.


Another issue is the claim of the Zionist regime in response to this operation and its inability to target this drone. Israeli political and military officials have said a new defense system must be put in place to deal with the drones. The introduction of a laser defense system to deal with drones was in fact aimed at calming the terrified Zionist public opinion. While no country in the world has yet had complete success in this area, so this argument raised by the Zionists is in fact a reference to the unknown.


Regional experts believe that the Axis of Resistance, by expanding its capabilities, has practically challenged the authority of the Zionist regime at various domestic and regional levels, and for this reason, hope for the future is fading within the Israel’s public opinion and even within some political and military officials. And this regime feels itself in the practical stage of collapse, which is accelerating every day.


Writer: Ahmad Reza Roohallahzad

Ahmad Reza Roohallahzad is a Middle East affairs expert based in Tehran

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