Friday 08 December 2023

German broadcaster DW fires 5 over anti-Israeli sentiment

Germany’s public broadcaster Deutsche Welle has fired five employees, four of them from its Arabic desk, following a damning audit on antisemitism in the workplace.

The audit, based on a two-month investigation, found isolated cases of antisemitism but no systemic problem. Several freelancers were dropped as well; another eight cases are still under investigation, according to news reports.


At issue were virulent anti-Israeli statements made by staff on and off the job.


DW’s actions were welcomed by the Central Council of Jews in Germany, the country’s main Jewish umbrella group.


“There must not be taxpayer-financed Israel-hatred and antisemitism in the media,” Council President Josef Schuster said.


According to the Bild newspaper, one of the terminated journalists called Israel a “cancer that should be cut out.” Another wrote in a 2018 guest essay that a “Jewish lobby controls many German institutions” in order to prevent criticism of Israel.

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