Saturday 21 May 2022

Zionist regime to build 127 settler homes in illegal settlement of Bracha

Yossi Dagan, head of a regional council for Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, announced that he laid the foundation stone for the construction of hundreds of settler homes on Mount Gerizim in Nablus.

Dagan said in press remarks that a foundation stone was laid on Tuesday for the building of a new settler neighborhood in Bracha settlement on Mount Gerizim, south of Nablus.


According to him, the neighborhood will contain 127 housing units out of 800 the Zionist regime had pledged to build in the settlement within four years.


The Israeli government already built 547 of these 800 units as part of that pledge it had made about four years ago following the killing of a Bracha settler near the settlement of Ariel.

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