Hamas: Surge in Covid-19 infections among Palestinian captives reflects Israeli medical neglect

Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasem said on Sunday evening that the spike in coronavirus infections among Palestinian captives in Israeli occupation prisons reflects deliberate medical negligence against them.

In a press statement, Qasem held the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the outbreak of Covid-19 cases among Palestinian captives. 


"The increase in coronavirus infections among the Palestinian detainees reveals the extent of deliberate medical neglect practiced by the Israeli occupation's prison administration against them and the lack of the most basic requirements of healthcare and protection from the virus," Qasem explained.


He pointed out that the so-called Israeli occupation's prison service wants to "inflict a new hardship on the Palestinian detainees, who already suffer from a number of violations against them."


The Hamas spokesperson called on human rights groups and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to immediately provide Palestinian captives with the medical supplies needed to stop the spread of the deadly virus among them.