Saturday 21 May 2022

Rocket hits near oilfield, US base in eastern Syria

A rocket hit the Al-Omar oilfield Saturday in the Deir ez-Zor province in eastern Syria where US forces are stationed.

Quoting local sources, Anadolu Agency reported that the rocket fire targeted the surrounding Green Village area where US forces are stationed in the oilfield, which is under the control of the Kurdish group YPG.


While it is not yet known where the attack originated, sources reported that US forces fired artillery and rockets in the direction from where the rockets came.


The Green Village, known as the residential area within the oilfield, has weapons depots and houses where the US-led coalition forces reside.


Ten rockets were fired Wednesday from the eastern Mayadin region, apparently targeting the Al-Omar oilfield.


But the rockets landed in barren areas surrounding the oilfield, causing no injuries or damage, according to sources who requested anonymity, adding that in retaliation, US artillery targeted Mayadin.


Earlier, US-led coalition forces struck short-range missile posts in eastern Syria, saying that they posed a threat to a facility used by US troops.


The coalition said the targets were a threat to the Green Village area and were destroyed for legitimate self-defence.

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