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Assessing developments
in Palestine in 2022

Mohammad Ali Takhtravandeh

Tehran (Qodsna)- The year 2021 can be named the year of Saif al-Quds (Sword of Quds) battle. In 2021, the Palestinian resistance group in an unprecedented operation proved its power in confronting the Zionist regime's aggression.  


Another important point was the united leadership of the Palestinian resistance groups under the banner of the Joint Operations Room, which was able to feature the unity among the Palestinian groups against the occupiers of the Palestinian land.


The Joint Resistance Operations Room showed that by a united operation can destroy all vital sectors and facilities of the Zionist regime.


In 2021, the Palestinian resistance group has recived support of entire Palestinian nation in Al-Quds, West Bank, the 1948 occupied territories and the Gaza Strip.


The Palestinian resistance groups have great military capability and popular support, which will eventually lead to the liberation of Palestine and Islamic sanctities from the occupiers.



Assessing the developments in Palestine in 2022 2



Defeat against resistance in the West Bank despite deepening security cooperation

In 2021, security cooperation between the Palestinian Authority and the Zionist regime increased significantly. Recently, Palestinian Authority (PA) Chief Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) meets with Zionist regime’s War Minister Gantz for the first time in Israel in years.


The meeting took place at a time when various parts of the West Bank have been at the height of their confrontation with the occupiers in recent weeks.


According to statistics published by Paltoday Agaency News, in 2021, the number of martyrdom-seeking  operations by palestinians against Zionist occupation forces has increased compared to last year.


About 175 shooting operations, 38 knife attack and 19 vehicle-ramming attack against israeli miltary personeel as well as 53 operations of throwing or planting homemade bombs carried out by palestinians so far this year.


During the same period, 109 cases of fires occurred in military installations and armored vehicles and checkpoints of the Israeli army. In 17 stone-throwing operations, the patrol vehicles of the Israeli army were seriously damaged. In three operations, Israeli army drones were shot down.


There have been 3,535 stone's throws and 509 Molotov cocktails thrown in the West Bank this year.


There have also been 1,109 confrontations with settlers' aggressions and 1,299 marches or demonstrations against the occupiers.


Residents of the West Bank have also carried out 131 nightly  operations on 2021, which is a significant increase compared to last year.



Assessing the developments in Palestine in 2022 2


Increased aggression against Al-Aqsa Mosque, demolition of houses and detention of Palestinians

In a report on Sunday, the the Palestinian Authority's Ministry of al-Quds Affairs said Zionist regime’s authorities green-lighted a host of plans in order to build about 12,000 units in the contested holy city throughout 2021, while they razed 177 Palestinian residences there.


They also ordered demolition of another 200 homes in occupied al-Quds.


Zionist regime’s troops also killed 13 residents of the city, arrested more than 2,784 others, and forcibly evicted more than 490 Palestinian from their ancestral homes there.


Zionist regime regularly flattens Palestinian homes and structures in al-Quds on the pretext that they lack building permits, expropriating more Palestinian lands to expand its illegal settlements.


Assessing the developments in Palestine in 2022 3


Evaluating the ongoing developments

1) Resistance determines the equations of 2022

What happened last year showed that the Palestinian resistance, if it willed, was able to achieve its pre-determined goals in any possible conflict or all-out war. The Palestinian resistance last year achieved something that did not exist before by attacking the vital facilities and sensitive places of the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv and Al-Quds, and now in the new year, it is setting new goals.


After the end of Operation Sword of Al-Quds, Leaders of the resistance in the Gaza Strip stressed that this was not all thier capablity and warned the Zionist regime of unprecedented measures and response if the regime launch a new aggression.


2) The end of compromises and compromisers

Last year's developments, including the successful battle of Saif al-Quds and the severe repression of the oppositions in the West Bank by the Palestinian Authority, which in some cases even led to the assassination of the oppositions, revealed the end of compromise and compromisers in the Palestinian internal arenas.  


3) The failure of the Zionists in the international arena

The revelation of Zionist war crimes in the world, revealed that despite the huge costs of Zionism in the field of media and cyberspace, the people of the world are increasingly aware of the criminal reality of this regime and shout this issue in every scene they can.

The expansion of the activities of The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement is itself one of the important indicators in this regard, which reveal the failure of the Zionists in their old policy of oppressions.


Writer: Mohammad Ali Takhtravandeh

Mohammad Ali Takhtravandeh is a Middle East affairs expert based in Tehran.


Assessing the developments in Palestine in 2022 4

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