Monday 15 April 2024

Flames of Resistance in the West Bank

According to statistics published by Paltoday Agaency News, in 2021, the number of martyrdom-seeking  operations by palestinians against Zionist occupation forces has increased compared to last year.

About 175 shooting operations, 38 knife attack and 19 vehicle-ramming attack against israeli miltary personeel as well as 53 operations of throwing or planting homemade bombs carried out by palestinians so far this year.

During the same period, 109 cases of fires occurred in military installations and armored vehicles and checkpoints of the Israeli army. In 17 stone-throwing operations, the patrol vehicles of the Israeli army were seriously damaged. In three operations, Israeli army drones were shot down.


There have been 3,535 stone's throws and 509 Molotov cocktails thrown in the West Bank this year.


There have also been 1,109 confrontations with settlers' aggressions and 1,299 marches or demonstrations against the occupiers.


Residents of the West Bank have also carried out 131 nightly  operations on 2021, which is a significant increase compared to last year.


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