Thursday 27 January 2022

Hamas launches 34th-anniversary activities

The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, launched Sunday, its 34th-anniversary activities of Hamas under the banner Shield of Jerusalem (Al-Quds) and Liberation Path.

In a press conference in front of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin's house, Hamas spokesman, Fawzi Barhoum, announced canceling the movement's central anniversary event and allocating the event's budget to volunteer work projects that serve our Palestinian people and strengthen their steadfastness.


Barhoum indicated that the movement dubbed this anniversary "Shield of Jerusalem (Al-Quds) and the Liberation Path" to culminate our Palestinian people's victories and resistance, foremost the Al-Qassam Brigades, which dispelled the occupation army's illusion and its cowardly leaders, revealed the falsehood of its alleged entity, and defeated its security, military and political system.


Various activities that extend in all regions will be launched starting today, such as voluntary work, visits of martyrs, wounded and detainees families, military maneuvers of the Al-Qassam Brigades, and field and media activities, Barhoum added.


Hamas established the meanings of jihad, struggle, and resistance for more than 3 decades in confronting the continuous Zionist targeting of our Palestinian land, people, and sanctities.


Barhoum stressed that Hamas will continue resistance in all forms and tools, foremost the armed resistance until the liberation of our Palestinian land and sanctities, and the achievement of our Palestinian people's rights.


Hamas reiterates maintaining the Palestinian constants, principles, rights, and land.


Liberating Palestine and defeating the occupation is inevitably coming.


Barhoum stressed that all projects of settlement, normalization, attempts to undermine awareness, demonize resistance, and the integration of the occupation will demise.


Barhoum reiterated the movement's keenness to embody all meanings of unity, brotherhood, and partnership, and to restore the strategic depth of our Arab and Islamic Nations to our Palestinian cause.


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