Saturday 29 January 2022

Palestinian captive set free after 131 days of hunger strike

Palestinian political captive Kayed al-Fasfous was set free from Zionist regime's detention Sunday after he concluded 131 days of hunger strike last month in protest of his detention without charge or trial.

On November 23, Fasfous ended his hunger strike after an agreement was reached to end his administrative detention in Israel and release him this month.


Fasfous was freed at an Israeli checkpoint to the south of Al-Khali, in the occupied West Bank, and was welcomed by Palestinian political and security officials as well as representatives of factions.


He has served a total of five years in Israeli prisons without charge or trial, and reportedly lost about 45 kg of weight during his hunger strike.


There are 4,600 Palestinian captives in Zionist regime's jails, about 500 of whom are serving administrative detention order, without charge or trial.

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