Thursday 27 January 2022

OHCHR 'shocked' by Israel's killing of Palestinian man in Al-Quds

The OHCRHR body is among dozens of other rights organisations who have denounced Israeli forces' excessive use of force.

The UN Human Rights Office in Palestine (OHCHR) said it was shocked by the extra-judicial killing of a Palestinian man by Israeli forces in Jerusalem (al-Quds) on Saturday, following a heroic operation against Zionist forces.

"The UN Human Rights Office is shocked by the apparent extra-judicial execution of Mohammad Shawkat Sleemah today at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem," the UN office wrote in a statement on Facebook. 

Footage that circulated on social media showed Sleemah, a Palestinian in his twenties, laying injured on the ground after he was shot by Israeli forces. Videos showed the man was then approached by two Israeli officers, who fired at him twice more while he was on the ground, eventually killing him.


"Extra-judicial killings such as this are the consequence of the regular resort to lethal force by well-armed and well-protected Israeli security personnel against Palestinians, and the almost total lack of accountability for killings and injuries of Palestinians by Israeli forces," the OHCHR statement said.


According to the Israeli Ministry of Justice, the two police officers involved in the incident were brought in for 'routine investigation' over the killing and released without conditions.


On social media, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett posed with the two police officers to display his support.

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