Wednesday 26 January 2022

Israel's threats against Iran, a mechanism for US negotiations- senior MP

Senior Iranian lawmaker describes the recent Zionist regime’s officials’ threatens against Iran’s nuclear facilities as the regime’s mission towards Iran, which has been defined by Washington.

I do not think that the Zionist regime would commit such atrocities without coordination with the U.S. and such actions against Iran are quite natural, Mahmoud Abbaszadeh Meshkini, the spokesman of the Commission of National-Security and Foreign-Policy of Islamic Parliament of Iran told qodsna.


Israel seeks to disrupt the Vienna talks and put double pressure on the Iranian negotiating authorities, he noted, adding “Some believe that Tel Aviv is making such threats in order to provoke the United States and disrupt the negotiations, but the reality is the opposite”.


“The Americans are fully aligned with Tel Aviv and their actions are in one line. The purpose of such a show is to create the necessary conditions for the implementation of sabotage missions and to create a platform for pressure on Israel against the Islamic Republic of Iran”, senior MP added.


The Zionist regime will not do anything without the United States’ green light, he said, adding that such threats by the Israeli Minister of War Bani Gantz and other officials of this regime against Iran is Zionist regime’s mission towards Iran, which has been defined by Washington.


Recently, Israeli officials, including Israeli War Minister Bani Gantz have threatened operations against Iranian nuclear facilities, saying that in order to challenge the nuclear agreement between Iran and the West, the regime will pursues its preventive policies.


Meanwhile, Zionist regime’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has vowed that the regime will increase military spending in a bid to outspend Iran.


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