Wednesday 26 January 2022

Israel's Mossad chief heads to Washington for talks on Iran

Barnea said to be delivering updated intelligence to his U.S. hosts; Gantz to head to U.S. on Wednesday

Mossad Chief David Barnea left late Saturday for talks with senior U.S. officials in Washington on Iran's nuclear program.


Barnea is reported to be delivering to the American officials updated intelligence.


Israel has told the U.S. that sanctions on Iran should be intensified and that a credible threat of military action should be made after the Vienna talks on the return to the 2015 nuclear deal yielded no results.


"There is no conflict with Washington," a senior official said adding that Israel and the United States are trying to act in coordination.


As the new round of talks between Iran and P4+1 have been held in Vienna, it was predictable that the Zionist regime would try to divert the path of talks.


Zionist officials is expected to deliver fake information to the US government to put pressure on the talks.

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