Saturday 22 January 2022

Iran's nuclear knowledge has
positive effect on Palestinian resistance

Claudio Moffa

Tehran (Qodsna) - As Iran’s nuclear talks were resumed after a three-month hiatus on Monday in Vienna, it would be a crucial matter for future regional developments particularly regarding the Palestinian issue. In an exclusive interview with Qods News Agency, Italian professor and historian Claudio Moffa talked about the possible effects of the talks on the regional upheavals.


Referring to former US president Donal Trump’s “horrific misdeeds”, Prof. Moffa said that “Joe Biden who softens the position of the United States on Iran” caused a certain cooling of Washington’s ties with Tel Aviv.


The Italian scholar pointed to the negative position of the Zionist regime towards the nuclear talks, saying that there are two reasons that justify Israel’s opposition to the talks with Iran. “In the short term because Israel fears a Western distancing from Biden, even on this specific terrain, see for example the contacts of the EU representative for foreign affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini with Tehran,” he said.


He went on to say that Secondly, Israel’s fear of Iran’s nuclear talks is also related  “to the profound nature of Israel in colonialism, which I have personally called several times as the last colonial state that survived the great season of decolonization.”


“Israel was founded not by indigenous Jews in Arab Palestine, but by Jews from Europe, unscrupulous invaders - as Ben Gurion's terrifying admissions remind us - to the point of causing the great crime of the Nakba, hundreds of thousands of Arabs expelled from their land,” Prof. Moffa said.


Talking about the future effects of Iran’s nuclear knowledge on the Palestinian resistance groups, he stressed that “it positively influences the resistance, precisely as a weapon of deterrence against the Israeli threat. And so here are the criminal assassinations of nuclear scientists of the Islamic Republic by the Mossad, but also - conversely - the attention of the peoples of the Middle East to Tehran's self-defense project.”


He also answered a question about the similar position of some Arab regimes in opposing the nuclear deal with Iran, saying that “it is a stance that is both absurd and dramatic at the same time. How can we oppose the Iranian nuclear and at the same time remain silent on the Israeli nuclear arsenal? It is a betrayal, not only against Iran but also and above all against the Palestinian cause, which the Islamic Republic has always defended and still defends in alliance with the Axis of Resistance, Syria, Hezbollah. The right path is this, the other plunges the Middle Eastern chessboard into a situation in which Israel will always be able to continue with its usual policy.”

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