Tuesday 25 January 2022 
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Zionist regime shocked by
the heroic operation in Al-Quds

Palestinian political experts

Qodsna (Tehran) - The recent heroic operation, as well as the operation in Jaffa a few days later, once again put the Zionist regime in a state of intense fear and panic.

The recent heroic operation in Jerusalem (al-Quds), which killed one Zionist and wounded four others, took on different dimensions in terms of importance, especially since the Hamas movement later claimed responsibility for the operation.


The weapon used in the operation was a Palestinian hand-made weapon. According to the pictures and videos released this year, it can be imagined that such weapons are in abundance among Palestinians. In fact, given the security situation on the occupied West Bank and in Jerusalem and other locations of the occupied territories, the Palestinians have chosen light weapons as the main and efficient weapon against the Zionist enemy.


Another very important point is that this operation was conducted in a difficult security condition in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, especially after the developments in May (the Gaza war and the issue of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood), which has raised the Zionists' fears and panic more than before.


Momen Meqdad, a Palestinian expert on Israeli issues, talked about this issue in an exclusive interview with Qods News Agency, saying that “the recent operation marked a major turning point in the process of heroic operations in Jerusalem. In recent months, we have witnessed a decrease in the number of anti-Zionist operations or saw improper planning by some operators, which made Zionist troops and the security service of the Zionist regime proud of their capability.”


“Zionists also described the decline of these operations as a result of a change in the mindset of the Palestinian people, especially the youth of Jerusalem, regarding the issue of Palestine and their sanctities, but the recent heroic operation, as well as the operation in Jaffa a few days later, once again put the Zionist regime in a state of intense fear and panic, and it will cast a shadow of concern on the Zionist circles, its military and political elements,” he added.


Momen Meqdad went on to say that “the operator of the recent heroic operation showed a high level of professionalism in the use of weapons. Also, he had acted with proper planning, which made him successful in doing so. The operation was carried out in a situation that the Zionist regime never expected because the killed and wounded in this operation were all Zionist rabbis and gunmen.”


“Due to the clashes on various fronts, the Zionist regime is not able to address tensions in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is why they are trying to calm the situation after the operation in Jerusalem,” he stressed.


"This operation took place as a result of the intensification of attacks and assaults on Al-Aqsa Mosque, especially by Zionist extremist groups," Palestinian analyst Naeem Atallah told Qods News Agency.


“Also, one of the main reasons for the recent operation was the continuation of the unjustified killing and assassination of the Palestinians in the shadow of the neglect of the Arab world and their efforts to normalize relations. These conditions have caused the true resistance fighters to listen to their inner voice and launch operations,” Naeem Atallah added.

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