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Palestine to take trade, tourism ties with Pakistan to optimum level: Ambassador

Palestinian Ambassador Ahmed Rabei on Sunday expressed his country’s resolve to enhance existing bilateral ties with Pakistan in multi-sectors and take them to the optimum level for the benefit of the people of both countries.

“We are working on an extensive plan to enhance trade, tourism, cultural and educational exchanges for optimum bilateral relationships between brotherly country,” said the Palestinian envoy to Pakistan in an exclusive interview with media. 


Ambassador Rabei said that the Palestinian government was working out traders and chamber of commerce level collaboration with Pakistan, whereas a separate economic desk was also established at the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan. Palestine, he said, has huge religious and heritage tourism potential with over 22,000 heritage sites registered in the UNESCO. Moreover, the Al-Aqsa Mosque is the first Qibla (point of direction to offer prayer) as the Muslims go to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to perform Hajj should also visit their first Qibla.


Ahmed Rabei says Palestine has huge religious and heritage tourism potential with over 22,000 heritage sites registered in UNESCO.


The entire Middle East and surrounding region’s first ever airport was established in Palestine, whereas the region’s first Radio station was also established here which was headed by a Palestinian women that indicated the level of women liberty and empowerment back in the early twentieth century era before British and Zionist occupation.


“Most of the early educationists in KSA and Kuwait were Palestinians that were highly educated and intellectually rich people in the entire region. We had the first school of the region in Palestine in 1921,” he underscored. 


Ambassador Rabei said: “We have the Palestinian diaspora spread over 110 countries of the world, whereas four Presidents of the South and Latin American states are Palestinians by origin.”


He proudly mentioned that the President of Uruguay has resisted the Israeli move to shift its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. “There are some one million Palestinians residing in Europe with a half million in Americas whereas we have a great disapora in Brazil owning millions of dollars resources and assets in that country,” the Ambassador proudly mentioned.