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Iran envoy calls on Intl' community to hold Israel accountable for horrendous crimes

Iran calls on the international community to hold the Zionist regime accountable for its horrendous and seemingly unending crimes, said a political attaché of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran.

The diplomat made the remarks before the Third Committee of the UNGA 76 on Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, following the report of the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories Occupied Since 1967.


The full text of the statement follows:

Mr. Chair,

The Palestinian people have long been victims of the Israeli regime’s gross, systematic and widespread violations of human rights and humanitarian law. The use of live ammunition against civilians constitutes a crime against humanity that the Israeli regime has been committing for the last seven decades thanks to the unflinching support of the United States. The despotic Israeli regime also violates freedom of expression by intimidating, arresting and detaining journalists covering human rights abuses against Palestinians.


Those living in the besieged Gaza Strip are the most oppressed people of Palestine. For more than 14 years, and in the shadow of indifference and deafening silence of the so-called human rights defenders, an all-out blockade has been imposed on these people, limiting their access to their most basic and essential needs. Such inhumane restrictions have become a major impediment to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in the besieged Gaza Strip.


Mr. Chair,


The Islamic Republic of Iran calls on the international community to hold the Israeli regime accountable for its horrendous and seemingly-unending crimes. It can prevent this regime from committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. Comprehensive restrictions should also be imposed on any economic activity that stabilizes the occupation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.