Sunday 28 November 2021

Israeli officer convicted of raping Palestinian woman, bribery, fraud

An Israeli army officer from the Civil Administration was convicted of multiple sexual offenses, including raping a Palestinian woman.

The conviction took place in 2017, but some of the details surrounding the case were finally made available by the IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces) Spokesperson’s Unit for publication.


The officer, whose identity is barred from publication, was convicted of crimes committed from 2013 to 2014, including but not limited to: raping a Palestinian woman, sexual harassment, taking sexual bribes, fraud, breach of trust and abusing authority to the point of endangering national security.


Several instances detailed how the officer raped women in relation to issues surrounding permits. In addition, he also disclosed classified information to unauthorized individuals.


Overall, the officer was sentenced to 11 years in prison with time served, plus probation, and he was kicked out of the IOF.


However, in 2020, he appealed his sentence.


While the Military Court of Appeals rejected his attempt at appealing his prison sentence, his removal from the IOF was overturned, and he was readmitted into the army, though was demoted to the rank of private.


Other details surrounding the case remain confidential, due to the involvement of classified information.


This is believed to be one of the most severe punishments ever given to an IOF officer, but court ruled that the sentence was deserved.

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