Saturday 27 November 2021

Islamic Jihad: Palestine and Al-Quds will not be liberated without unity

The Secretary-General of Islamic Jihad in Palestine said on Tuesday that Palestine and Al-Quds will not be liberated without the unity of the Islamic and Arab world, Anadolu has reported. Ziyad Al-Nakhala made his comment during a speech at the 35th International Conference for Muslim Unity, held in Tehran.

"There will be no unity without Jerusalem (Al-Quds) and Palestine, and there is no Jerusalem (Al-Quds) and Palestine without unity of the Ummah," said Al-Nakhala. "The hostile Western campaign targeting all components of our Ummah… is the major threat to our unity and our heritage." He claimed that the US is "controlling" the Arab nations.


"Final victory over the Zionist occupation entity needs the development and progress of the Arab and Muslim nations, as well as a real Islamic unity which will be able to defeat the Zionist project which is targeting our history, land and the region," added the Islamic Jihad official.


The International Conference for Muslim Unity is an annual event organised by the Global Consortium for Rapprochement among Islamic Sects.



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