Saturday 27 November 2021

Reconstruction of Gaza
should be accelerated

Abdul Latif al-Qanoo

Tehran (Qodsna) - There have been several talks on the exchange of prisoners between Hamas and the Zionist regime as well as the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip in recent years, but it has not been concluded.


In an exclusive interview with Qods News Agency, Hamas movement spokesman Abdul Latif al-Qanoo talked about the matter, saying that “the Zionist regime has always delayed in the case of the exchange of prisoners, and on the other hand, it has been deceiving the families of the captured Zionist soldiers. In the current situation, of course, the ball is on the ground of the Zionists, and they must take practical action in this regard in order to reach a prisoner exchange agreement.”


“The position of Israelis and their procrastination, in this case, will never end in their favor, because the resistance adheres to the agreement on the exchange of prisoners on the terms it has set, and it will never give up,” Abdul Latif al-Qanoo added.


Referring to the reconstruction process of the Gaza Strip, the Hamas official noted that “We welcome the efforts made to rebuild the devastation caused by the Zionist regime in Gaza. We believe that the reconstruction of Gaza should be accelerated, because the families, whose houses have been destroyed, have rented new houses in the current situation, and they will face more difficult conditions as the winter season approaches.”


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