Saturday 27 November 2021

Regimes normalizing relations
with Zionist regime will suffer costs

Baghdad's Friday prayer leader

Qodsna (Tehran) - Speaking to Qods News Agency on the sidelines of the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference, Yasin Mousavi, Baghdad's Friday prayer leader talked about the current political situation in Iraq.


Asked what the position of the future Iraqi government would be in the fight against the normalization of relations with the Zionist regime and what orders it would adopt to fight anti-Islamic conferences such as the Erbil summit, Mousavi said: “Iraq’s elections has not yet reached its final stage. The United States continues its conspiracies against the Iraqi people to establish a relationship between them and the occupying Israeli.”


"American conspiracies have always existed, but the pressure on the Muslim Ummah, while this Ummah is in a critical situation due to internal differences, is changing the situation in a different way," he added.



He then talked further about Iraq’s positions towards normalization deals with the Zionist regime, saying that "regardless of who wins the election in the end, the US conspiracies will fail this time because Iraq is not Afghanistan. The US aims to prepare grounds of dividing Iraq.”


"Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia has entered into the strategic equations of the United States in the region for many years," he said, noting that the regimes normalizing relations with the Zionist regime will undoubtedly suffer costs because of their behavior.


“We strongly expect the Saudi regime to organize its programs and goals in order to maintain the independence of the Islamic Ummah, to prevent divisions in the Islamic world, and to defend the oppressed and the poor. Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia has acted against the Iraqi people and Muslim nations of the region over the past years,” Baghdad's Friday prayer leader stressed.

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