Thursday 30 May 2024

EU cannot remain silent as Israel accelerates demolition of Palestinian homes: EU legislator

Member of the European Parliament, Chris MacManus, has said the EU cannot continue to remain silent as new data shows a sharp increase in the demolition of Palestinian homes by Israeli authorities.

MacManus said in a statement: “From January to August of this year, the Israeli authorities demolished or seized 118 Palestinian-owned structures across the West Bank, including East Al-Quds.


This represents a 38% increase when compared with the same period in 2020. The data collected uses the term ‘structures’, but it must be realized that a significant number of these are family homes.”


He added, “The demolitions resulted in the displacement of 191 people, including 116 children. The destruction also included public buildings, leaving over 1,400 people without access to services.”


Israeli authorities try and hide behind the fact the buildings did not have permission, but neglect to mention that only they have the authority to grant such permission and choose not to, which leaves Palestinian residents with no choice. This is ethnic cleansing at its most basic level.”


The Midlands Northwest MEP called on EU leaders to stand up for the oppressed. “Shockingly, the EU seeks to continue business as usual with Israel, ignoring the fact that on average at least fifteen of the structures demolished every month were built using EU funds. In what other situation would it be considered reasonable to trade with a country who systematically undermines your efforts to help the oppressed? I have checked the data and some of this funding came from Ireland.”


 “All demolitions must be halted, and settlers should be ordered to leave the Palestinian territories they have illegally occupied in the West Bank,” he continued.


Finally, I believe it is about time the EU stood up to Israel and made it perfectly clear that it is not prepared to acquiesce to the undermining of its work in Palestine. The EU must live up to its own rhetoric, that it stands for human rights and peace.”

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