Thursday 09 December 2021

Athletics event in memory of Martyr Mohammed al-Durrah at a glance

A sporting event in memory of Palestinian MartyrMohammed al-Durrah was held on Saturday, October 31, at Shahid Shiroodi Stadium in Tehran.

Qodsna (Tehran) - The event was organized with the attendance of more than 100 participants who competed in various sports fields and officials from Iran and Palestine.


- Paying homage to Mahdi Olad, the holder of the gold medal in weightlifting and the silver medal in the discus throw at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics


- Honoring Sadegh Bigdeli, gold medalist of sitting volleyball at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics


- Track and Field competition was held in six different categories:

The 110 meters hurdles, The weight throw, The 400 Metres, The long jump, The 100 meters, The 1500 meters


- Awarding medals and certifications to athletes participating in the athletics event in memory of Martyr Mohammed al-Durrah


Abdul Salam Ismail Haniyeh, Vice President of the Palestinian Council for Youth and Sports and a member of the Executive Office of the Palestine Olympic Committee, sent a video message to the athletics event in memory of Martyr Mohammad Al-Dara, thanking the organizers of the event.


 He expressed his gratitude to the organizers of the event, especially the Secretary-General of the International Union of Adolescents and Youth against the Occupation, and sincerely thanked all the athletes who participated in this event with the aim of solidarity with the Palestinian people, especially Palestinian children.


Nasser Abu Sharif, a representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Tehran attended the ceremony, saying that the Palestinian people will thwart the Zionist regime's conspiracies against sports in Palestine, and in this direction, the popular support of the Palestinian people is valuable and helpful.


“I also thank Iran’s Parliament for declaring Al-Dara Martyrdom Day as a day of solidarity with the Palestinian child, and I gratitude the Iranian athletes who, despite losing their medals, refused to compete with the Zionist regime's athletes.”



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