Monday 25 October 2021

Palestinian escape: We did not have water for four days

Palestinian captive Zakaria Al-Zubeidi who escaped the high security Israeli jail of Gilboa said that he did not have water for the four before his recapture.

"During the four days when we were free, we did not want our families in the occupied cities to bear the consequences or punishment of the Israeli occupation if they helped us," Al-Zubeidi told Israeli civil and human rights lawyer Avigdor Feldman.


"We did not ask for help from anyone. We ate fruits from the farms like prickly pears and grapes. We did not have water."


Feldman added: "Prisoner Zakaria Al-Zubeidi was attacked as soon as he was detained." He was admitted to hospital on Sunday after allegedly being beaten and tortured by the Israeli security forces when he was recaptured. His brother said his leg had been broken during the beatings.


Four of the six Palestinian captives who fled the Israeli prison of Gilboa last week were rearrested on Friday and Saturday, and the search for the remaining two escaped prisoners is still ongoing.

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